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Alright, who didn't see this coming with my first real leather project? ...Okay, me, but it worked out somehow. Technically speaking, this is pretty awful. Learning by doing means making a lot of mistakes, and they're all here. That said... I managed to swing with it and turn it into something awesome, because mistakes are what lazy people call missed opportunities.

Yes, it's leather. Hand-tooled so that the crest rises slightly above the background, which the pictures... kind of do an okay job representing. (Pictures from the side all came out awful.) It is of course sparkly shiny gold, and rich semi-shiny green (the green extends to the back, as well). The ribbon is 100% silk and an earthy brown/dark bronze color. It's shaped so that it can fit just about any arm size, so no worries there. It's not recommended to be used as a wrist cuff, however, because that would require the leather to bend more, and that would more than likely crack the leather itself.


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