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The combination of an unpracticed hand and a new blade can at least have a sparkly result. It belongs in the "definitely, without a doubt, handmade" category, but I can't say I'm in the least bit disappointed with it. This was an experiment all the way through, from how the pattern was transferred (mild failure; the lines weren't deep enough, and blind cutting with a new blade IS NOT FUN), to cut, to the blending of paint and pigment. I think it turned out quite amazingly for all that it's been through (a.k.a. me), and the fact that I found a very rich red silk ribbon was the perfect touch. In case you can't tell, both the red and the white portions have incredible iridescent sparkle that changes with the light source. I know, me and sparkly.

While this piece was made as a semi-bracer/to cover the back of the hand, it works perfectly as a bracelet for the larger-wristed (which is not me, with my scrawny little wrist) or an arm band for any size. There are many possibilities when it comes to how to lace it, as well.


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