SDCC 2010 Classic Tron Statue

        San Diego Comicon 2010 was freaking Tron central, with a bunch of "exclusive stuff"... but there was only one thing I was really interested in, peeking in on it occasionally.  And how prices rose.  Oh how prices rose.  And then got completely ridiculous, opened figures going for $200+.  All I'm saying is that I got a factory-sealed one for a hell of a lot less than that.  Ebay people are nuts.  Unless they are sane.  Sane sellers are rare, so hold onto them and protect them with your life.  ...Or something less dramatic, but you get the point.

        Look at that.  I mean look at that.  This is one box I will actually keep and display all on its own.  Totally gorgeous... though the figure itself can hardly be seen.  Blasphemy, I say!

        Oh look at that.  Sealed plastic, never opened.  Pay attention, collectors.  I'm about to devalue this baby something fierce.

        But first, had to hit that button again and get a glowy shot.  It's impossible to resist a "try me" button, you know?

        But doesn't the box looks far more lovely out of the stupid plastic?  I'm really impressed with the design.  Lightcycles, recognizers, tanks, oh my!  Way to show off, Flynn.

        This is what you'll find on both sides of the arcade box.  MAGNIFICENT GLOWY GLORY.  I do wish there had been a Sark figure in this style, but... that's just something else to buy.  (Psssst.  How about a Comicon exclusive Sark for Tron 3 promotion, guys?)  Anyway, classic shot and serious awesome.

        Oooohh, the back of the box.  Love yet another classic image.  And a warning telling me to remove all of the small parts so I won't hurt myself. *casually chews on small plastic packaging bits*

        OUT OF THE BOX!!!  ...And covered with dark plastic, WTF.

        Though I must admit, the dark plastic cover it makes the glow look particularly awesome and kind of freaky.

        --But fuck that.  This is my boy Tron, and he's getting freedom.  The detailing actually managed to impress me, since I'd been worried that everything would just look flat.  Or worse, some of those pictures I'd seen online of the figure had messy lines, which is part of what kept me away from this for so long.  This one, though?  Lovely.  There's incredibly subtle shading rather than a flat paint job.  The face is the closest to Bruce Boxleitner's visage as I've ever seen in a Tron figure (dammit, guys, release the movie figure commercially already), and that is quite important when you're wondering how blind the people who sculpted other Tron figure faces are.

        And here he is, all lit up and looking shiny-awesome.  It's not just a light switch; it sort of shudders on and fades off, which I thought was a point of particular coolness.  Why, I even have a YouTube video of the lights going on and off.
        Oh yeah, I'm quite pleased with this figure, even if it is completely static.  It lights up, though, and comes in an awesome box.  Two thumbs up, five stars, ten lightcycles.