DXF Wild Tiger Last Stand

        So.  Well.  I mean... how could I resist?  This is irrefutable proof that Tiger & Bunny knows its audience.  And that I will pay money to be pandered to.  But I suppose I'd better put this here:


        Okay, carry on.

        While the official name of the figure is "Wild Tiger Last Stand", I prefer to call him "Back From Hell Oji-san".  And it's nearly the same old story for me: pre-orders sold out before I could get to them, and so began the waiting.  And waiting.  And then an exceptionally kind person who bought the set for Yuri Petrov offered to sell this guy, so... of course I pounced.

         "Pounce" is really quite the appropriate word.  Ahem.  Is it wrong to fetishize injury and clothing damage?  Not with animated people.  That's my story, Bandai's story, and Sunrise's story, and we're sticking to it.  In all seriousness, I swear I didn't just buy this because Kotetsu's chest is exposed.  That was a sincerely triumphant moment, and he did announce that he'd just come back from Hell.  It was face-punching glorious.
        That said, I'm totally going to paint his nipple because it's sculpted there, dammit.  Can we stop doing this thing where we pretend males have no nipples, Japan?  Please?  It's freaky.


        I am so happy with this figure, even though there's no movement.  I realize that I lucked out in a lot of ways, ultimately paying slightly above retail and shipping within the US, but he's still readily available in Japan for decent prices if you know where to look.  Definitely worthwhile; the detail is excellent for the figure, the paint has a couple of very small "spotty points" but nothing in the extreme or sincerely noticeable, and when I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised that he turned out a little larger than I'd expected.  Not by much, ultimately, but enough to mention.  And he even attached to his base easily!  It's a miracle!

        Ass shots are always necessary, of course.  Even the back detail is great, too.  Wonder if there will be an H-01 DXF in the future...

        Well, Wild Tiger has taste.  When we're not talking about mayonnaise.