Kubrick Tron and Sark

        Another thing I looked into every once in a while, hoping I could snatch one for myself eventually.  I mean, "fancy LEGO-style" Tron and Sark!  Dude!  Okay, so I'm one of very few people who enjoy that concept at this level, but still, they were too cool to resist and haven't gone up in value much since their release.

        Even inside the box, they look so angry at each other.

        And here I demonstrate how little attention I pay to box backs when all I want to do is open the damn thing.

        Ta-da!  They are articulated blocky figures with disks.  ...Okay, not much more to say here, but I love them.  They're got the white-gray and the classic lines going on, and the determined anger.  I have no idea why I enjoy that so much.

        Do the helmets come off?  Question answered.  ...Now they look weird and angry.  Helmets back on, then.

        Re-enactment of the epic final battle!  Kind of.  Enough.  Look, they're neat.  Also wanted to get a shot of their sides, since the designs extend down the arms.  But not on the backs, woe.  And I'm realizing I will need more space set aside for my Tron things...