MG Figurise Barnaby Brooks Jr.

        Hello FtB fans! Schala here for another guest spot, this time talking about MG Figurerise Barnaby Brooks Jr.
        First thing is first, this not-review is going to be a good deal shorter than Orin's review of the corresponding Tiger figure.   I'm assuming that you've already read that review and understand the sheer amount of sobbing that goes into assembling one of these.   I have assembled several Gundam models in years past, but this was a challenge for me.

        And I must confess that I literally spent months looking at this damn box.   While Orin got it for me as an Xmas present (and truly, it is the most evil one I have ever received), I didn't get around to putting him together until her last visit in July.

        But here he is, complete with all of his parts.   I'm going to say that it was somewhere around 5-6 hours total assembly time.   Orin was here for part of it and helped with painted details but mostly she was there for moral support as I continued to question my sanity.

        At least Barnaby is far better suited to the passive/bored expression that comes with the helmet open option.   I must confess that his long eyelash stickers often don't want to remain stuck down but I did my best for this little photoshoot.

        I will say that the possibility of the figure is a good selling point.   So long as you are willing to deal with limbs falling off while posing.   Overall, I just don't like how flimsy he feels.

         But for any more complicated poses, you will have to use a backing board or the stand he comes with.   The smaller Figuarts have much better balance by comparison.

        Bunny also comes with far fewer accessories compared to Tiger, but the Good Luck Mode leg continues to be an excellent addition to all of his figures.   At least this version is very easy to swap in and out given how limbs just want to come off...

        Don't take all of my criticism though as saying that this is a bad figure overall though.   The detailing is great and in assembling him yourself, you gain a better appreciation for each one of those details. Including the most important detail of all - dat ass.   And if you decide that you want to build your own, there is a translation of his manual available online.

        However, please don't bring up his shoes.   There was so much sobbing over these damn shoes and that is probably why I'll never make one of these again.