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And now that the gift has found its way to its owner, I can talk about the hell I went through to make this bracelet. *grin* Well, it was... a trial. A very, very big trial. I was juggling techniques, trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to do this and what I wanted to make it out of. I was actually disappointed at first, because a few things couldn't be exactly accurate due to what the clay kept doing/annoying me with, but now... yes, I've had time to step back and appreciate it. I want to make more, but the charms will have a slightly different style. This is definitely one of a kind.

And because I am me, and have to interpret everything, I rather liked the idea of the silver wire wrap around each crystal. It sort of represents Cosmos' energy and influence, the silver working its way through the chain and the eternal loop. ...Yeah, stop looking at me like that.

If you're not familiar, Dissidia is a "Final Fantasy fighter" that I keep meaning to take breaks from but keep picking back up for "just another couple of battles", so that should tell you something.

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