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While Desert Bus for Hope 2021 was going on, I decided to indulge in a project I'd been wanting to get back to for over a year: justifying buying a bunch of fabric playing with a little plush dragon pattern and seeing what subtle changes to the construction might bring. So, I marked and cut fabric during the marathon. I marked and cut a lot of fabric. Then set it aside to get some other things done first, because that is My Way.

Total construction time per dragon, from the initial fabric marking to the final stitch: 7 hours. That translates into about a week "working while living a semi-functional life" time. This whole project took 8 weeks. That is... difficult for me to grasp. Each and every dragon is fully hand-stitched once to actually get pieces together and then reinforcing stitching is used to keep them together. The soft fuzzy fabric is an astonishingly luxurious acrylic fleece, and the belly/accent fabric is either cotton or "rainbow foiled cotton". All eyes are acrylic safety eyes from 6060 on Etsy, with only the silver sparkle eyes on the last dragon hand-painted by myself as a very successful experiment. Each dragon is very much different and the pattern itself was abandoned at various points to let their individuality shine through.

It's been really nice to have this pile-o'-dragon around, but I think they'd really prefer to spread their soft fuzzy goodness around. Currently unclaimed:
Minty Green with Hearts, White with Hearts, Blue with Rainbow Leopard Print, Vibrant Pink with Skulls and Crossbones, Hearts and Camo, Black with Skulls and Crossbones, Hearts and Camo, Rainbow Stripes and Checkers with Sparkly Rainbow Reptile Print