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Dragonlets are a breed of "house dragon" which were bred specifically for small spaces and apartment life. They ultimately don't get much bigger than small dogs (think pug or dachshund, depending on the type) and tend to have a varied diet so they're not overly difficult to care for. While they do develop scale patches when they get older, dragonlets retain their "fuzziness" for their whole lives and enjoy the occasional chin scratch or tummy rub. In all, a perfectly reasonable magical pet with a slightly questionable slogan: "Dragonlets, the city wizard's pet."

This particular dragonlet is just a baby of the fire-bellied variety. They're actually relatively rare, as far as type goes. That may have a little bit to do with the possibility of producing flames from their mouths while snoring, but if the proper precautions are taken to fire-proof their bedding, certainly there is no danger to be had. Still, you may want to keep them away from things like hair spray when they're sleepy. Safety first.

This little critter is the result of some self-imposed challenges (1.) can I make a reasonably simplistic plush that's interesting?; 2.) can I actually manage to use NO BEADS?), velboa scraps, fleece I've had around for 7~ years (which is discontinued, argh), and safety eyes that I've been holding on to for a little longer than even that. No wires, no "fancy stuff"; the pattern is my own, everything was sewn and reinforced by hand, stuffed with polyfil, and it's super soft and a little bit fuzzy.

I kind of greatly underestimated the massive "cute factor" when designing the head/face, though. I was not prepared.
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