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"...And that's how he got the name Apocalypse McGillicutty." The joke is, everyone always walks in on the last line of that story, and has never actually heard it. As far as anyone is aware, he's a space punk adventurer with a heart of gold, and that is truly all that will ever matter.

So. Wow. This year's Desert Bus for Hope donation is. Bigger. Than I'd planned. I hadn't quite realized this until I was halfway through the body. I mean, I'd made the legs and feet a little bigger than usual, sure, and so compensated with the body... and started to realize when I was getting to the details that he was more than just a little larger than last year's chocobo. It wasn't until I'd finished the wings and was halfway through the tail that I realized 1.) I'd run out of yarn, and 2.) the color was not readily available at any retailers near me and I would have to wait for a mail order. Time was a bit of the essence, and so I decided to embrace the space punk way, grabbed the closest rainbow yarn I could find, and finished him up with that. ...It worked out really well.

Apocalypse here has a stainless steel wire frame comprised from six (6) to eight (8) individual round wires for stability. His neck, top and bottom beak, all five crest feathers, wings, first four primary feathers and "thumbs" of each wing, legs, toes, and eight of his tail fathers are all wired and poseable. His extended wingspan is a whopping 21 inches, and he stands at 15 inches to the top of his head, 16 inches to the top of his crest. His eyes are large green glass beads, and his claws are comprised of incredibly hard but smooth (not sharp, in other words) Apoxie Sculpt, because I really wanted to try it, and had great success. He can clearly support not only his own weight, but that of a PAK figure. And, most importantly, he is still soft and squishy.

This guy is a great triumph. The extra size took quite a bit more time than I'd anticipated, but this is nothing new in the realm of my projects. I'd been wanting to do a "rainbow space chocobo" (see: old FFVII rumors) for years now, and when the yarn ran out... yeah, I decided to go for a punk space chocobo because that's how we do things around here. The fact that my housemate had suggested I give my next chocobo a "mohawk" only helped matters, and so there's that slight cockatiel thing going on. I'd also wanted to make it quite clear that, despite a "soft wrist" (the first four primaries of each wing have a much wider, softer range of motion than previously), he's still able to hold things thanks to the wire itself.

Congrats and a great big THANK YOU to mflGrMp for the strangely appropriate winning bid of $567.89!

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