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You want sleek, fancy, and mass-manufactured? Then you go see Shin-Ra about your fashion needs. You want a hand-wrought, reliably quick-switching linked materia bracelet that doubles as a defense in hand-to-hand combat? Then you come see me. It ain't pretty, but it's gonna get your rear end back home. And the rest of ya, so long as you're not an idiot. I don't work cheap, though.

*cough* So! Immediately upon the news of a Final Fantasy 7 remake, I had a thought: "I wonder if we'll finally get to see materia accessories!" And obviously that immediately kick-started my brain. This is actually the most SIMPLE of the designs I'd wanted to do, in part because I thought it would have more "universal appeal" as I was making it exclusively for Desert Bus for Hope. I started getting this image of certain "underground" materia accessory makers who had to work with what they had on hand, not really caring about making things look pretty; it was about function, utilizing the full power of materia, the ability to switch them out quickly during combat, and the added benefit of the accessory itself being used to shield its wearer if necessary.

Not even gonna pretend otherwise; this was a lot of work but so much fun to do. The rings are stainless steel, the snap is "plated steel", the "decorative bracelet bits" themselves are backed securely with felt for comfort, and this? Is not nearly as heavy as it looks. Oh it's PLENTY sturdy, alright, and that's what took me the most time: using everything I've learned through experimenting with various materials. The bulk of the materials used? Foam and cardboard. Wouldn't know it to look or to feel it; unless you're talking about the weight. And sturdy? Oh yeah, that's sturdy. I took a lot of time destroying test pieces. The great joy of materials testing, you know.

The "mechanism" itself is a simple "rod" of metal which swings down for "materia loading", then swings back into place and holds there with an exceptionally strong magnet. (It makes the most satisfying clacking noise when it's empty.) There's no danger of materia falling out or the magnet itself falling off. As for those beads themselves, they're all vibrantly dyed "candy jade", which won't lose their color in anything short of boiling water or a chemical bath. ...I assume no one would attempt either.

Thank you to badgersprite for you generosity in the final bid of $333.00!