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No secret around these parts that FFXV has more or less destroyed my life. ...I mean not in the worst way since it's inspired me, right? That's what I keep telling myself. So there's this Armiger in the game, a collection of sparkly super weapons to collect so you can kick all the ass. On the pause menu, they each have a little tiny icon.

But that was too easy, wasn't it. Initially I designed all 16 icons in a larger size, 30 pixels high. ...After making the first one, I realized how incredibly huge the whole line would turn out to be (and how much extra time it would take), so I completely redesigned all of the symbols at 16 pixels high. Ish. The Rouge got an extra pixel so I could pull off the detail, but I believe we can all agree she deserves it.

4,176 beads for the main design. Yeah, I didn't really want to know that either. 3+ weeks and... well. I really don't want to think about that. The result is kind of amazing, though. I wound up picking beads that I hadn't expected to pick (more on the process here) and I am so very pleased with the result... but of course the different ways the beads shine make it so, so very difficult to get good pictures. I did what I could and I'm incredibly happy with the result.
(For sale.)

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