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I just. Needed to use some of these beads that I have coveted for years. But also it has been The Year of 2020 and we need more mf rainbows.

Initially it started with a rainbow 2-hole bead mix and then somewhat exploded from there. Not to mention the "yeah, sure, why not, all the things" decision of jet black and clear crystal AB Swarovsky beads. While I'm not usually too fond of regular strung necklaces for so many reasons, I tried to use a few techniques I'd picked up to make sure the multiple strands could properly distribute the weight, with a few holding knots between heavier sections to make sure nothing would be accidentally pulling the whole thing apart. I'm also very fond of those "prismatic beads" near the center (see the close up photo) because they actually reflect the full spectrum, it's just that trying to photograph them tends to get one color or another. Because of course pictures would be difficult.