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This is what the world has done to me.


          April 12 - Oh have I been busy.  Bust at least now chapter 17 of "Broken Soldier" is up.

         January 15 - And now "Broken Soldier" has a 16th chapter.


        In case you are unfamiliar (or cannot read page titles), this is the writing section of the Reign of Angels web site, written by Orin Drake (who also happens to be the webmaster; ooohhh, I know).  You've got all of your basics on the right-hand menu, so do as you will.

        A Little About the Author

        I don't warn for language.  Or for ideas, generally.  I don't shy away from sex, or violence, or some of the more "interesting" relationships.  I make no attempt at writing style; it flows how it flows and things happen when they happen.  I really don't have much of an indication for how something's going to go down until I write it, so the characters wind up surprising me quite often.
        I write fantasy and science fiction, often with a little touch of horror and an awful lot of humor.  There will be music references.  There will be run-on sentences and grammatically incorrect lines as far as the eye can see.  There will likely be tons of mistakes as I have to edit my own stuff and I'm a product of the American public school system.  But I are smart and I are edu-ma-cated.

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