I Would Know You by Orin Drake

        "I would know you."  Unspoken: No matter where you fell.
        Four words to shatter half a lifetime of rebuilding. Four words to make a whole lifetime useless. Four, simple, brutal, stabs--to make it all for nothing.
        Running hadn't mattered. Surviving in a new world with a new face and a new monster to fight against had meant nothing. Those four words called out every tiny shard of thought and matter and unconscious fleck of everything that had been left behind, consciously abandoned to be devoured by the passage of time and the agony of chaos.
        Four words that brought memory. Accusation. A marking on flesh and heart and soul.
        Called out. Brought to the front. Illuminated. Four words dismantled. Four words set fire to the sky.
        "I would know you."

Content copyright Orin Drake 2011.
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