Like Death by Orin Drake

        "I will come for you like Death; eternal, unstoppable, inevitable. I will come for you like the memories you try to press beneath your feet, hoping the earth will take them and bury them deeper."
        "I understand." He responded, voice even.
        "I will come for you because you will be mine." The queen assured him.
        "Yes." He answered, more softly. He understood the implications, but that did not mean that he welcomed them.
        The queen sat back with a nod, satisfied despite her eternally unchanging expression. Her dark face was like a mask in and of itself, eyes bright and pale and seeing further into men's hearts than any true female could divine. She was essence, power. She was terror hidden in plain sight, all vicious elegance. "Go, then. Do as you will. When you are done..."
        "Yes." He said again, bowing. "But, Majesty, I beg you heed..."
        "You have escaped Death." She answered for him, sounding unimpressed. "I wonder, then... how much longer do you truly have?"
        He remained in a bow for seconds more before straightening, turning and walking out. Those words had sent a chill straight through him. He suspected that the queen knew that much, not attempting to hide--but perhaps his lack of fear would continue to play into his favor. Seven towers awaited. He had seven years.

Content copyright Orin Drake 2011.
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