Novels by Orin Drake
Where I am Wordy McWordington.

        Broken Soldier (working title)  Ongoing.
        After the war, some battles continue to rage on. Luckily Rean is distracted by being assistant to a notoriously unfriendly general and friend of an entertaining idiot.

        DarkHorse Vendetta  Finished, buy it in paperback or in ebook format.
        Poor Jack is just trying to survive the idiots around her. It's not every day a former corporate assassin finds herself in the middle of something that no science fiction writer in their right mind would come up with. At least, she hopes not. Forced sense of duty, sentient ships, people out for her head--you know, the usual.

        Depth of the Rain  Finished, buy it here.
        Two worlds collide, bringing an outsider home, and the rest of existence to its knees, in a manner of speaking. A teen-aged girl who has been called Shadow from modern human Earth gets pulled into another world, and hurled into a quest she has no idea how to pursue. She meets up with a brother and sister from the other world, a horse who understands every word they say, and a very disturbed boy that may or may not really be helping them to achieve their goal. Their destinies are intertwined.

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