Quicquid by Orin Drake

        "Smile, baby. Chances are, I want you dead."
        A little too much laughter followed. "Right. I forgot. Death is the only thing that makes you smile."
        "Quicquid." Again, same tone, same level.
        "I will not forget this. But it will be erased from you."
        "Memory... it's a funny thing, isn't it. What do you regard it as?"
        "What? Memory? It's... history."
        "History is written by the winners. It changes. Gets lost intentionally."
        "Like memory?"
        "I believe so."
        "Are you one of history's winners, then?"
        "Right. Then let's make some history."
        "Do you fancy yourself a hero?"
        "What's that supposed to mean?"
        "Only curious."
        "You're not even human!"
        "No, I'm not. I shed that. My skin. My flesh. My humanity. You're not human, either."
        "Well, I'm... I'm closer."
        "What would you know about it?"
        "The universe is so much larger than it seems... this moment won't matter. Whether I live or die now hardly matters."
        "You're lying."
        "Only you would know that, I suppose. Shall we?"
        After a long time, he responded, "Quicquid."

Content copyright Orin Drake 2011.
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