Short Stories by Orin Drake
I write because to speak these things would be silly.

        "Short Stories" include everything from bits and pieces, snippets of something larger, to multi-chaptered short-ish works-in-progress.  A lot of these are actually interconnected... but I suppose one of these days I'll get around to explaining how.  The newest ones are at the top, oldest at the bottom.

        Tomorrow  finished
        I rebuild.

        Quicquid  finished
        Smile, baby.  Chances are...

        Like Death  finished
        I will come for you...

        Uncertain Smile  finished
        Maybe we both died that day.

        I Would Know You  finished
        No matter where you fell.

        Sin of Silence  finished
        He is pledged and accepted.

        There Had Been Twelve  finished
        These things are truly quite unreasonable.

        The Wheel  finished
        This cycle is unbroken.

        Not Quite Our Footsteps  unfinished, maybe ongoing
        They were lead to wonder just who was trapped here.

        Handful of Words  finished
        Can change everything.

        Tick Tock  finished, part of something larger
        How much longer, how much longer...

        Nostra Cruciatus  (hopefully) Ongoing
        A medium of souls, an old-style magician and a boy with the potential to bring about a new magic all his own...  Easy, right?

        Cultivating the Holy  (hopefully) Ongoing
        They know exactly what they do... and their children will suffer...

        His Special Ones  (hopefully) Ongoing
        The good doctor loved all of his patients... but they weren't crazy about the jerk.

        So They Meet in a Bar...  Seriously, no idea
        Just reminds me of a bad Saturday Night Live skit, but with better characters.

        The Tower of Ekhart  Seriously, no idea
        Mysterious meetings after the tower turns... part of something larger.

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