The Wheel by Orin Drake

        She holds the burning man in great esteem. They all do, deep down--but she, especially. He suffers to save them. Suffers and never dies. Reaches and begs and cries for death, for an end, for a new beginning that's been denied him since The Beginning.
        They say she worships the pain. Adores the suffering. That isn't true, but they aren't worth arguing with. They wouldn't understand. They call her all sorts of things for tending to the burning man. For keeping him alive. She can pay no mind to such people--they are only human, after all. What do they know of suffering beyond their own worlds shattered.
        It isn't easy for her, though. Every cry, every flinch and gasp and plea sent aching pinpricks through her flesh. It is hard to see him suffer. Harder still to be the one to keep him alive. But she does so. She takes it all upon herself and she tends to these things no one else can.
        Because she knows when she is ready, she will take his place and grant him rest. Just as he has done for her many, many times.

Content copyright Orin Drake 2011.
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