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I took way, way too long figuring out how many beads were used here. 1,802 delicas, 6 "materia beads", and 1 random lovely purple glass bead. Many a four-letter word was uttered after. Then I poured myself a drink. But look upon the dancing chocobo cuff bracelet and be happy, for they are dancing chocobos!

Yeah, this is completely insane. But it started out so innocently with just one FF4 chocobo sprite... which became two... then six. Then I can't really explain what happened. The chocobos made me, I swear it. ...Anyway. I really like how the dark purple background turned out, which is good--I wasn't so sure at first. And of course, well... chocobos. This actually successfully combined three requests in one: 1.) beaded chocobos, 2.) sized for a larger wrist, and 3.) a metal-free clasp. Well, I feel successful.


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