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You will click on the picture and you will appreciate this thing at full size. This is a do-over. I actually did this very design a long, long time ago when I was first curious about this "beading thing". I was proud at the time, sure, but the whole thing was such a mess. So, I finally did it over, simplifying the pattern just slightly, and I am completely happy with how it turned out. Whoot, I say. Whoot.

I love canon Demyx. And I adore OrgLIX Demyx. But there's a vicious little psychotic Demyx muse that will probably escape and commit acts of bad writing some day. Point being, I can't help but love that little rock star Nobody. Not to mention, his instrument amuses me for reasons that do not take too much imagination.

2,037 beads in total make up this cuff. I need to stop figuring the number of beads out, because it makes me cringe every time.

(For Sale)

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