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His kind have often been referred to as "false fairy dragons" by classifying wizards with absolutely no sensitivity at all.  Not that Dustel will hold it against them.  He's easy-going and perfectly content to explore at his own pace, or just to lay back and relax while someone else takes him on an expedition.  He's an excellent conversationalist, by the way.  Dustel also has a thing for breakfast cereal.  But don't we all have a thing for breakfast cereal?

This little guy started out as something very different.  I was working on a commission for a snake bracelet, having just finished the head and... no, that wasn't a snake head at all.  It had ears, for one thing.  So I set it aside and started again.  Once the commission was done, I returned to this clearly-not-a-snake and figured that it was so eager to be unique that I should help it along.  The result is a strange evolution of bead sculpture and bracelet.

I was very conscious of not wanting anything to be "stiff".  What I mean is, I wanted every part to be flexible, moveable.  Take the legs, for instance; they are reinforced and held securely in place, but the fingers are still easily moveable, and the legs themselves aren't rock-solid but mobility and "squish" to them.  The same with his entire body.  So he's very wearable and poseable.

Let's talk about the wing and tail material, shall we?  No, I'm not going to reveal my "secrets"; I just want to say how thrilled I am that another ridiculously stupid idea worked well beyond my expectations.  They are far less delicate than they look, even.  Believe me, I know. *cough*

And of course those are two Swarovski crystals on the end of that chain.  I mean, come on.

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