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Ask me where my love of gaming began and I'll tell you a tale about a vicious little game called The Legend of Zelda. No matter how many times I had to put the controller down, I always came back. I don't think anything will ever overcome Ocarina of Time as my favorite, though.

And so somewhere along the line, for some INSANE AND STUPID reason, I decided to take on this monster. But damn it's shiny. The color scheme was inspired by one of FusedElegance's designs. The rest is... all me. All painfully me. From creating the pattern from several sources to the (obviously) actual beading and design... yeah. 3,014 individual glass beads, woven together individually by hand over the course of two weeks, and a silk ribbon that refuses to properly photograph in the gorgeously vibrant emerald color that it actually is. I am not doing this again unless I get paid, in full, first. Even if I do want to make a solid gold version on a black background.

(For Sale)

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