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In celebration of my favorite program. Mmm, obsessions renewed. This is a classic-style Tron insignia bracelet with a little bit of flair. What can I say, I'm all up for a little bit of sparkly geeky flair (obviously).

Great reason to try cube beads, yes? It was my first time with them, and... well, I do like them. They make for a nice look even when I didn't manage to catch all of the mildly deformed ones (though I imagine I'm the only human being in the world to notice all of the little nearly-microscopic gaps), but they don't drape and flow nearly as well as smooth, round delicas. They're still smooth to the touch and flexible, though, and it's always nice to work with something larger than delicas, even if just barely. Getting that double band piece to work, though... I don't even want to think about it. It'll be easier to do it again after the first time, but the amount of time and effort involved in just that detail was way beyond what I was prepared for when I ridiculously thought, "Hey, I want to make this different!" Add to that the fact that I had to remove a whole row of beads from the bottom portion just so it would drape better over a wrist... yeah, I don't want to think about it anymore. LET'S PRETEND IT DIDN'T HAPPEN AND BE HAPPY.

As always, I make all of my beaded pieces by hand, bead by bead, with a needle and thread, no looms involved. Because I am completely, undeniably, stupidly insane.


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