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I hadn't quite intended this--but I was quite proud of it. Is it still messy? Oh yeah. Very clear I'm just starting off... but I have to admit that I really kind of like that look. And maybe I'm the only one that notices, but... yeah. I'm so happy with this one.

I managed to learn exceptionally simplistic bead wrapping, a helm weave, and finally get the hang of a spiral weave even if it's not terribly visible (I tried to make it longer and cross it over before it got to the finger to show off more, but... somehow it just didn't look right; I may play with it more, though). The "heart" came about by total accident when I was screwing around with two separate bands and I just kinda went with it. So, experiment successful. I did what I always manage to do: lean something "the right way", then completely screw it up and make it my own. *grin* Hey, I'm happy with this. And it makes a lovely clattering noise.