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Those who wear "dragon spine" bracelets are recognized as having family, be it by blood or by friendship. They have someone to come back to. The bracelet would either be a gift from someone or a reminder for themselves, but either way it was a symbol of the desire to live on, and live for.

I'd had this in mind for... months, probably. A long time. I just didn't quite know how, exactly, to put it all together until I was messing around with the jump rings one day and... I did it! So here it is! An exciting success story, I know. I wanted something a little "lighter" and more "delicate" (yeah, tell that to my hands and the jump rings) than the thick-gauge chainmaile I've been playing with. I'll probably get back to using other bead colors. This is a "proof of concept". And so, so sparkly.
(For Sale)

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