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Need a linked materia option that's also a versatile fashion accessory? This style has you covered! Magic materia plus an Independent materia make for nearly limitless options! (Personally I recommend Mega-All + Master Magic, but y'know, whatever the battle calls for.)

I really, really wanted to get back to chainmaile. For some reason. And I wanted it to be relatively simple, so... I should have picked another project. Oh, it's a simple enough weave, but the gauge of the wire for the rings is quite a bit thicker than I was used to. Combine that with the fact it's nice, sturdy stainless steel and that pretty much makes the easy method of this chain weave completely impossible to achieve. So it took two days. Can't argue with the results, though.

And yeah, I'm more than up for custom pieces/colors/designs. I mean, this was a prototype. And it worked. Yay there.
(For Sale)

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