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Adariel is most certainly independently-minded, truly appreciating the people who know the difference between having a strong will and being pushy or closed off.  Even so, she's happy to encourage the uncertain and the timid to find their own voice and sing.

Well.  I had something completely different in mind when I started this project.  It's all the better for running off in a totally different direction, though.  The wings from start to finish were a wince-inducing four-day project, in part due to the several different types of stabilizing and reinforcing necessary to make certain that two points could distribute the weight without problem.  (Sure she only weights 0.8 ounces, but I'm thorough.)  And after the project shifted dramatically, I was aware that I would probably need more beads only to find... those exact type/color combination were no longer manufactured.  Well.  That's where the lovely light mint green diamonds on her back and stomach come from.  Necessity is the mother of... something.  Beads?

Ultimately, she's designed to hang somewhere.  Around a neck as a necklace, on a hook somewhere to show off her loveliness; whatever.  And with Swarovski crystals for eyes and two swirled green "moonglow" beads as tail accents, there's quite a lot of sparkly loveliness to show off.



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