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It's not uncommon for the most powerful magicians to keep a jeweled snake as a familiar. It's a bit of a status symbol, admittedly--but alchemists are able to make use of the jewels, and certain magicians can keep spells within them. The result is a "living" familiar, something that moves and appears to have a bit of its own consciousness.

Of course, this is not a jeweled serpent but a jeweled dragon, of a different sort of connotation in magic... Whether the dragon created the alchemist or the alchemist created the dragon remains unclear. I suppose you can ask, if you'd really like to.

I love this necklace. I didn't when I was in the middle of making it. This is the culmination of possibly a little over two weeks of work. Many, many hours. Many, many beads, and lots of Swarovski crystals. Depending upon the lighting, you will be able to notice the subtle shift in color of the diamonds along her back. It's a lot more obvious in person, but trying to get bright light on these beads for photographing purposes? No. Just, no.

And just because, yes I view her as a she. ...She just feels like a she. Now I must rest my poor abused wrist. Ow. A worthy ow, but an ow.

(For Sale)

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