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Two curious jewel dragon hatchlings, ready to explore the world! And have a snack. And take a nap. You know, the truly important things in life.

I've been making these baby jewel dragons off and on for a while now, but I'd always been a little worried about their stability. Sure, everyone ought to know to be gentle with tiny handmade things like this, and I never received any complaints, but even so I just wanted to make them overall sturdier with enhanced stability just to be sure they'd stand the test of time. These two are the fruits of testing and labor and so much cursing and complaining, but the results are spectacular and extremely sturdy. They're still a little squishy and flexible, but overall the body, wings and limbs are much more stable than previous attempts. ...The downside here is that they take an awful lot longer to make (read: much more work) than previous attempts, but it's a worthwhile trade-off.

Still, I mean. Aren't they worth it?
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