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Preferred element: water
Current favorite food: fruit (all of it)
Sex: female
Size: 2 inches long, 1.5 inch wingspan

Jewel dragon mothers are the most notorious for gathering a pile of shiny stones with which to circle their nest.  Once their clutch starts to hatch, the babies naturally gravitate toward one stone in particular, partially "feeding" from it for the next several months.  Here you'll find all you need to care for a baby jewel dragon, should you choose to take one into your home.

Baby Jewel Dragon Pendant and Bracelet Set 1/10.  Yup, 10.  Ten.  First.  Of ten.  What am I doing.

I had this idea in my mind for a very long time, picking up an intensely gorgeous set of "fancy onyx" (brilliantly heated and dyed onyx to make the most spectacular color combinations).  It was a spiral of inspiration and insanity from there, I suppose.  I enjoy the result: a reversible, adjustable bracelet and a little dragon pendant which can also be converted into a bracelet.  Full disclosure: the baby dragon pendant is so comfortable with the satin cord that I forgot I was wearing it while I was dumping and editing the pictures right up until I went to scratch my neck and had a "WHAT THE HELL IS--oh" moment.

(For Sale)

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