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Nienne is a jewel dragon who loves night life in the city.  Or rather, he enjoys hanging around city parks and observing all of the interesting people who pass by at night.  His very favorite things are fireworks in the summer, but he doesn't mind a little stargazing with is people watching.  If you happen to be out for a stroll on a nice evening, and particularly if you have some peanuts to spare, he may just pay you a visit.

Oh, man.  I was aiming for "simple".  I mean, kind of.  Compared to... I'm not sure, exactly; point being, I kind of simplified a little.  And wound up deciding that what I really wanted to do was reinforce the little guy's wings so they could be fully extended without problem.  I succeeded!  ...And in in process managed to work some wire loose in the wings and then had to do things over and there was a little bit of screaming and some cursing I'd rather not repeat, but Nienne was obviously grateful so no harm done.  This resulted in stable but still perfectly flexible wings to go with the rest of his fully poseable (legs, toes, neck, waist, tail, and of course wings) form.  I quite happily managed to improve the internal structure as well; so while there aren't many poses in these pictures, so many more are possible and easily held.  (What can I say; I'm confident in the stability of my work, but I'm still the artist so I'm stupidly careful about it too.)

Ultimately this guy has a full wingspan of 9 inches, is about 5.5 inches from the tip of his nose to his tail, and stands at about 2 inches tall at the shoulder.  He was made by hand with love and beads and passion and thread and beads and wire and fabric and beads and hand aches.  And some beads.


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