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Winged fire serpents like Vesta may not be what you'd expect. Oh yes, they carry the family lines of ancients, of great and powerful creatures which roamed worlds long before we can imagine. It's just that now, here on this planet of Earth, they've come to be so very small. Fitting in the palm of your hand small. But oh, they are no less fierce! But if you'll share your lunch with them, I bet you'll have a grateful buddy who is totally willing to light your barbecue for you.

So I wanted to do something a little different from my jewel dragons. From the moment I picked out the colors, I knew exactly what she was going to be; but this poor girl waited so very patiently to be worked on between other projects, and I'm happy that I finally managed to finish her. Unlike her beaded kin before her, she's not specifically designed for poseability, but for being sturdily reinforced to hold that pose. (Which isn't to say that small adjustments can't be made, but she's meant to be static.) I just really loved the idea of the dramatic pose, wings out, her lower wings supporting her as she gets ready to fly. I am deeply pleased with the result.

About those colors by the way... her body is comprised of beads I'd been hoarding away for a very long time. Long enough to find that they've been discontinued since. The wail I let out was not dignified. These things happen way too often. So, technically, her eyes, the 6 crystals on her lower wings, the dark red beads that make up most of her body, and the fabric of her wings, have all been discontinued over the years. This seems cruel. (Sold.)