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Kaquel's what one might call a "world hopper"; they like to explore the galaxy by "hopping" between various planets, taking in the sights and sounds of different worlds and never really staying in one place too long. It's the nature of their species to be able to survive almost any kind of atmosphere, which is a really lucky thing as they haven't completely perfected portals and wormholes yet. That seems like a minor inconvenience, really.

I went a little "back to basics" here. There's no internal spine structure, but the legs and toes are wired. There is a criss-crossing wire down their back and tail, though, which does allow for a little posing. I started this with no particular ideas of where I wanted to go with it, so the felt horns just sort of happened. I had some leftover snake/skin agate beads, so those seemed idea for the eyes. Then of course I couldn't stop there with the shiny, so I mixed up some fabric paint with iridescent pigments, and ta-da or something. It was a nice, refreshing project. Somehow.
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