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Finished commission for a materia bangle.  Leather made to look like metal, lined with soft black suede.  Took an insane amount of time, but that was partly the fault of work schedules and… well, partly my fault.  I did suggest the “sword strike” and “wounded materia” and, well, you’d be surprised how long it takes to figure out how to make things look broken but still be exceptionally strong.

That was the idea: make it look like metal but be flexible, but let it be flexible while still being strong enough to last for years.  Now, I knew a bit about leather working before this, but… I learned a lot.  I broke a lot, destroyed a lot, and learned a lot.  Then I got a dremel and things went so much faster.

I’m not gonna downplay it: I love this.  I love how it tells a story.  I love how you could find it on the ground somewhere and know that what you held in your hands was something beloved.  And shiny as hell, let’s just cover that now.

Also.  When a commissioner is as excited about a commission as you are, even the most painstaking process is fun.  This whole experience, while absolutely work, was a blast, and I learned so much.  There are already plans to make use of this knowledge, indeed; but this particular design belongs only to one.