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All of your standard single-equip materia are included to swap out when you need them most: Magic (green), Summon (red), Command (yellow) and Independent (purple), all in a tasteful piece of subtle stainless steel chainmaile jewelry which may, in a pinch, deflect a small attack. But it would likely have to be a very small attack, okay? Don't get yourself hurt out there because you thought you were a bigshot and tried to deflect a 6-foot sword with a tiny little bracelet band. Not cool, and I will not be held responsible.

I wanted to work a single switchable/swappable "materia" bracelet down to its absolute simplest. And it still took me a long time, but the result is definitely a super shiny proof of concept. The idea can (and will) certainly be expanded upon. Plus, well, shiny. Shiny is always important.
(Sold, but always available for commission.)

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