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Well... I just had to do another Transformers-related thing. I still really enjoy the reversible Beast Wars cuff, so I decided to cut that down a little and make a smaller one for the classic Autobot and Decepticon insignias. My hope that the beads would take on two distinctly different properties actually worked out, too! In low and/or indirect light, the insignias are actually relatively subtle. Direct light, though? SPARKLE! It was sort of rubsign-inspired. You remember rubsigns, right..?

1,934 beads. Geez. I also wanted to do a little something different with the actual "bracelet bits", so the chain itself is meant to loop through one side and clasp onto one of the jump rings hanging from the chain. That lets the bracelet to expand from a touch under 6 inches (for the tiny-wristed, like myself) to 9 inches. Options! (Sold.)

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