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At last, this custom Journey cuff commission is complete and in the hands of its rightful owner!  Whew.  It features a personalized design and a 14ct gold bar clasp.  As well as… *pauses to do the math*  2,611 beads.  Woven together over the course of 8 days (HOW DID I DO THAT).  I wish I hadn’t just figured that out, but it sure explains why my hands and wrists still hurt.

Regardless, I’m gonna get a little sappy here.  The fact that I had a request for a personal symbol just… makes me so happy.  This game, Journey, was an incredible adventure.  Impossible to describe or explain.  It inspired me to make my original Journey Cuff, which in turn inspired someone to have me make their very own unique Journey cuff.  Sure my hands are going to need a a little more rest before I get to my next project, but… I’m honestly moved.  To my commissioner: thank you for the opportunity.

To thatgamecompany: flOw, Flower and Journey all have the honor of being “I just need this every so often" games.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with next.  I’m there, whatever it is… but it’s gonna take me a few years to be able to afford a PS4.  Just sayin’.  Take your time.

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