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Glowing symbols, songs, grand visions and movement.  This is not a journey soon forgotten, the echoes of it still drifting across the dunes.

There are very few video games that have actually taken my breath away.  Journey managed it multiple times.  The specific beads used were inspired by a certain scene where there is just such glorious light suddenly, such intense beauty that's almost hard to look at... I couldn't resist trying to reflect that.  It's so difficult trying to photograph the full color and sparkle of these beads, not to mention how the white ones really do seem to glow at the right angles.

2,741 beads comprise this bracelet, each individually woven together by hand, from 4-8 threads going through every, single, bead.  The clasp itself is a gold-plated copper smooth-working slide or tube clasp.  (It's actually a lot easier to work with one hand than it looks.)  The bracelet itself would fit a wrist up to 7.5 inches in circumference, but I can be commissioned for custom sizes.

(For Sale)

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