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In before tragic reboot. Ahem.

I'd wanted to do a Hellraiser-inspired beadwoven cube for quite a long time, honestly. It took me a long while to finally figure out how I was going to simplify the pattern on the puzzle box, before finally deciding to go extremely simple. The result was unfortunately as much failure as triumph. The cube itself is fully reinforced internally (non-squishy, in other words), solid without actually having sharp corners despite the look of it, though it is somewhat obviously not exactly a cube. My initial plan for getting everything together turned out to be far less stable than I felt comfortable with, so I had to make last minute edits and woe, not-quite-cube and a truly messy bottom portion. Do I know how to fix this for next time? Oh yes, the pattern edits have been made. But it's probably going to be quite a long time before trying again. I'm happy with the result, anyway. Proof of concept and all that.
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