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Well, what with TRON: UPRISING miniseries happening and all, it seemed like a decent choice.  I've been meaning to do "the blue version" forever.  Finally just saw these beads on my desk one day and decided, "You know, I really should get to this."  Hoorah and so on.

Now this particular bracelet was made with Miyuki cube beads; different than the Rinzler bracelets and their use of Toho cube beads.  Miyuki is generally more expensive, sure, but the quality is definitely better.  Not to mention I wasn't having to deal with a bunch of sharp sides and shattered beads.  Still, I elected for a simpler, asymmetrical strap because... well, I just did.  I like it!  And of course there is that delicious Swarovski square crystal.  For once I actually got a good picture of it!

(For Sale)

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