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(Also known as, "Way Too Damn Far for a Joke".)

Yes, I loved Tron: Legacy. But all it really did was remind me of how much I loved the original Tron... and the character. And no, dammit, this is not a spoiler. If I had to explain to you why this is not a spoiler, then it would be a spoiler. Don't sass me.

...Anyway. Design-wise, I decided to go for old-style text in new-style colors. Each individual bracelet is comprised of 1,372 tiny glass beads, each individually woven together, and one Swarovski button. For those of you paying attention, yes, there are 2,744 shiny glass beads and two Swarovski crystal buttons. Woven together with super-strong thread, by hand. When I say it took a week, I do mean seven days. And on the seventh day I declared myself to be a lost cause and a Tron fan. Rock on, programs.

(For Sale)

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