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One of those ideas I'd had in mind for a while, but didn't really get to designing and then completing it for a bit. As soon as I saw that glow in the dark seed beads were finally a real thing that I could buy, I knew what I needed to do with them. ...I only realized later that I'd designed a 2,550-bead panel centerpiece. Welp. That explains why it took so long.

Not that it's exactly noticeable, but I tried another technique for the diamond webbing that both went faster and actually turned out to be a little bit stronger than what I'd been doing. Learning experience + glow in the dark beads + STATEMENT = win.

There's no one specific reason for me to make this beyond it's a universal truth and I felt like it. Nothing better to do with annoyance than make something neat out of it, right?
(For Sale)

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