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A mischievous smile that doesn't show up in the eyes, that's what you have to look for. There's a little something beneath that laugh which you should be careful of. Luckily a little sparkle is just the distraction you need to get past without a second thought.

The color combination of black, red and purple was given to me as a possibility. This is actually the second idea that came to mind, as the first only caused much ARGH since black-coated wire strips when you so much as breathe on it and I'll just suffer that aggravation later. So the aggravation I ultimately put up with took me two days to figure out how to put together. The solution was deceptively simple... but time-consuming. Go figure. I just wanted to do a little something different with the netting idea. Swarovski crystals were an obvious accent choice.

As for the clasp, currently there's just a little hook in the back that hooks to the netting of the opposite side, as I have a scrawny little neck. It's designed so that I can easily add an extension chain, though, so it's very versatile.

(For Sale)

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