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The entire motivation for doing this: because I could. The title came from a joke between a friend and I, ending in the suggestion that I name this "Hubris", while I was going to name it "Nebula". HENCE.

A grand total of 230 Swarovski crystals, and a... bunch of other beads. Over the course of... a week..? About. I don't know, I should have been resting my hands more thoroughly but I just had to know if an idea would work. It sure did! With spectacular results and the slightly irritated realization that several of these beads are no longer in production. Happens far too often these days.

This choker is heavy, being made of crystal and glass, but every single layer is reinforced with four strands of high quality nylon thread. There are some points along two specific lines where some of the thread can be seen, or one tiny bead is missing; tension adjustment had to be done to make sure it was still able to flex and move without the thread drawing too tight and possibly wearing down to the point of snapping. Lessons have been learned here.
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