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This sure is a real piece that I sure did spend weeks working on. Not to mention developed another technique regarding the way weight is distributed through the netting itself, so it ought to be a lot more stable while remaining flexible. (I mean, I haven't had complaints or breakage reports, but this is just sort of what I do.)

If nothing else, this is a prime illustration of channeling one's rage into creative endeavors. As much as the creation of this piece was inspired by this Vox article, the feelings have been around for a long time. I joined Etsy in 2007, when it still felt like a real agent for artists and artisans. Now it feels like a farm run by people who have only ever seen an animal on television. All hail the venture capitalists, etc.

I wanted to mention here that the clasp is, not so ironically, from an Etsy shop not at all involved in the rest of this. I was looking for something different than what I've used before and I just... happened across this. There are still good things there, and many good people selling their wares and supplies to make more wares. But we're all being crushed under a company that no longer wants to be unique and serve its user base, but to serve their board and be Amazon Lite. Art Ebay. So yes, I say wholly and sincerely, fuck Etsy. And fuck whatever survivorship bias bullshit is sure to be tossed in my general direction. I'll crawl along as long as I can because really, what are they gonna do, fire me?

Of course they could, in a way. But I'll bet the chunk of cash they'll get if this ever actually sells is more important. After all, I won't pay extra to be in searches. And nothing else will ever get free shipping. Consider this being me metaphorically shitting in your blueberry field, Kalin.
(For Sale)

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