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Merfolk think human stories about mermaids wanting to live above the sea are silly. Clearly humans would prefer to live below, and not the other way around. The artwork of the merfolk is interwoven with their mythology; this one tells the tale of a young woman who caught a glimpse of a merman and fell deeply in love with him. For years she tried, sometimes with great hope and sometimes with great desperation, to hold her breath longer and longer, getting closer and closer to him until one day, finally, she swam deep enough to see him and reach for his hand. Scholars would have you believe that she merely drowned herself and her dying illusion was that of the merman's hand reaching back, but any artisan will tell you that the story ends in the strength of the heart, and the magic of true love.

I had wondered some time ago if I would ever rival Atlantis' Treasure. I suppose it's a matter of personal preference. 131 (that is, ladies and gentlemen, one hundred and thirty-one) Swarovski crystals combined with a number of glass beads that I refuse to count make this massively sparkly. So of course it barely shows in pictures. ARGH. I've been trying to get video of it. Failures, thus far--but I'll keep trying.

(For Sale)

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