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Right on the heels of finishing DB11's chocobo (Apocalypse McGillicutty), I decided that I wanted to do something different and simple. I got the first part down, I think. Not that it's overly complicated or anything I haven't done before, but the colors and style are certainly different.

I was mostly focused on using materials I'd been storing and not using for... a long while. The centerpiece is a glass jewel I've had waiting for a use for a couple of years at least, and the pink dyed quartz beads are from far longer ago. The string itself... eh, somewhere between those two extremes. As is the chain. The two glass bead drops at the very bottom are probably from a time even more distant. The clasp itself is gold-plated and... uh, kinda old too. So altogether this was an accomplishment, even if I invested a little more time than I'd planned to. (For Sale)

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