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It's rare for a person to actually see an iris dragon, or at least to recognize one. They're quite good at hiding, folding up their wings in such a way as to trick the eye into thinking they're just another fancy iris. By the time there's any realization that a second look is needed, they've fluttered off to some more flowers. More fascination comes in the fact that they don't even need eyes to "see" their environment; the "teardrops" that hang down from their tail are more advanced and sensitive than any insect's antennae. If by some chance you do manage to see one that isn't hiding, they tend to like gentle rubs on their backs, right between the wings. They're very soft and fuzzy there.

I'd had a very vague idea of this lovely creature somewhere around the time when I started working on the first Desert Bus 2014 chocobo. I even started the body and basic wire structure between chocobos. After I'd finished all of my Desert Bus work, I came back to this and had intended it to be simple. Yes, I should have known better. But I really love the result. The body is real silk velvet in a rich purple, with the purple beads being dark amethyst and the white ones being opalite. Then just so many glass beads, so much wire and finally a decent use for that plastic-feeling beading thread. And they're a pin/brooch! Because I don't do practical unless I'm paid in advance. (For Sale)

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